Atlanta is blessed with a stellar early music group called New Trinity Baroque, whose maestro Predrag Gosta, or some one among his associates,is really on the ball about using electronic resources to get their name out.  My friend Martha just sent me a link ( to a site where the recording made during their March 12, 2011, concert is available to stream online free of charge.  What a great idea!

Not only that, but the singer's names, the choir and all the soloists, are listed, too.  So many times in the past I've been disappointed to see various local opera or lyric theater groups advertise their company names but not their singers' names.  Singers have to get along in the world, too, and they only do so by finding ways to have their work and their names become known.  Two of the singers in this concert, Wanda Yang Temko and Adam Kirkpatrick are Atlantans whose singing I admire.  Martha, who was at the live concert, says that the countertenor Terry Barbar was "to die for", and although I've not heard the bass Paul Max Tipton, I think that Maestro Gosta's choosing him says a lot.  Now I have to find a chance to hear him; working out of town really cramps my concert attendance.

Since I was just recently on my vibrato in early music soapbox, I must say that all the singers I've heard with New Trinity are real singers, who sing beautifully, appropriately, and with style and verve -- kind of like the rest of the New Trinity musicians.