More years ago than I care to mention I began an exploration of the song cycles of Robert Schumann with my long-time friend and collaborative pianist George Mann.  We've been able to perform Dichterliebe a number of times, Liederkreis Op. 39 several times and Myrten two or three times.  Yesterday we finally got around to adding Frauenliebe und -Leben to the list.  George remains as always, but over these many years I've developed a standard wobble for my age.  Even in spite of my deficiency, the power of this music is such that we were able give a moving performance to a group of fellow musicians.

In Richard Miller's book Singing Schumann, he makes the point that this is not Late Romantic music and must be sung without some of the Late Romantic excesses that are so much fun for singers.  I think he's right, even though as George says, Schumann is probably the most over-the-top of the Romantics.  To do a good job you just have to sing what is on the page, but you have to sing all of it, particularly the words.  If you get to do so in the company of so talented and sensitive an artist as George, it is a very great joy.  I am a very fortunate singer.