Hello everyone,


There’s not much news around here.  Frank came and left with his parents for Durham since his dad is spending his sabbatical year teaching at Duke.  They were fun, also exhausting.  I must be getting old or something.  Anyway, I hope everyone was watching CBS Sunday Morning and is ready to see the premiere of Eric Whitacre’s most recent virtual choir on YouTube at 1:30 today.  I think he kind of invented the format back in 2009, and I think that Mary sang in that one and has sung in some – maybe all – of the one’s since.  This is the largest ever, with worldwide participation and over 17,000 singers, including Sam!  Even Whitacre, who has a team of folks to help do these spent most of the interview talking about how difficult they are to do.  Yes, he and his team listen to each and every submission.  Here’s the link, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=InULYfJHKI0.


We’re all wondering how we will continue as singers through and after the virus.  Some choir directors have tried to put virtual choirs together and have had varying levels of success.  It’s really hard.  Some of the young singers that I know have put on virtual concerts, and while I’ll pay my money and attend yours if you let me know when, I didn’t send $20 to the Met for a Jonas Kaufman recital.  I’m sure it was good, but honestly, ten tenor arias?  Maybe there will be some kind of clearing house for finding out about all these events.  I’ll sign up for chamber music and art songs mostly, but that’s just me. 


I’d better get off your Email, since it’s nearly time for the 17,000 voice choir.  Mahler would be so jealous.

Best wishes,