Last week I was sitting in my office at LaGrange College reading the new issue of Classical Singer magazine, and the article by Catherine Brown hit me right between the eyes.  It was excellent advice on creating websites for vocal studios, so here's mine.  Luckily I was already writing a brochure, so most of the text was ready, and I have plenty of production shots from shows I was in, so here goes.

Being a college voice teacher for the past fifteen years has been wonderful -- even when I was simultaneously living in DeKalb County, teaching in Hall County, and working on a doctorate in Clarke County.  I am one of the lucky ones who actually gets to do what I love.  Teaching voice and music history is as good as the years when I was performing a lot.  In some ways it's actually better.  My old teacher, Inge Manski Lundeen, studied with the fabled Elizabeth Schumann, to whom Richard Strauss's Brentano Lieder were dedicated.  Inge said she didn't think Madam Schumann ever sang them, but I did, and I really felt as if I were part of a line of musicians.

As I get older (and I am officially old this year) the demands of college teaching are making me want to enlarge my own studio and stay home more.  I've always focused on healthy singing, hence the name of my studio and my website.  I will not stop teaching until I'm no longer good at it, so here's hoping that students from the metro area will find their ways to The Healthy Voice Studio.