I was ashamed to see how long it had been between my last two blogs.  I've been enjoying creating and using the Studio's Facebook page, and blogging has kind of taken a back seat.  Anyway I've had a recent reversal in my thinking about teaching voice to children.  A mom who was raised with the Royal School of Music Achievement program was not satisfied with the training another teacher was giving her daughter.  I had just become aware of RSM/Carnegie Hall program because NATS has recently formed an alliance with them.  It's one of the sessions I plan to attend in Orlando next week at the national conference. 

I agreed to teach the little girl, who is only seven, and I'm finding her a very satisfying student.  She is talented and very bright, and her former teacher had already taught her to sing with the over resonated sound that is common in children who sing musical theater.  Using that training as a base has allowed this very young singer to start making some remarkable sounds without any hint of stress or strain in the voice.  I'm delighted, and I'm looking forward to teaching other singers who are younger than I would formerly have considered.