So today I’m thinking about reducing my teaching load.  While it is very gratifying to have a full Studio, it is also a bit more than I can handle at my age.  If I were still 37 instead of 67. . .  I was looking at my blog on this website, and I was sad to see that it’s been more than two years since I had time to order my thoughts and put them out there.  That’s working too hard.

My big problem is that I love my students.  I love the adults of ALL ages who come to my Studio for their well-being, to improve their sound for whatever it is that they love to sing, or just for the love of music.  I love my energetic teens!  Wow!  Did I ever have that much energy?  Yes, I know I did back when I worked a full time job, performed, and then added grad school to that. 

There is something about helping people work on their voices that is irresistible to me.  Since talking to people about their voices is very personal – the instrument is the body and one plays it with the mind – criticizing what people do without making them feel attacked them is harder than it looks, and a very engrossing challenge.  Communicating with a variety of people is more interesting than anything I know about, except raising children and singing opera.

So, yes, I’ll probably go to teaching only three weeks out of the month instead of four in January, and I’ll just have to see if I can hold out.