Links that I've included here are some that I have found useful and would like to pass on.  is the home page for The National Association of Teachers of Singing, one of the most respected professional organizations in the music world.  I've been a NATS member since 1975.  is the home page for the Southeastern Region of NATS.  Since I'm the webmaster, I think it looks pretty good, and I know that the events you might want to attend that are listed here will be conducted professionally.  is the home page for the Georgia Chapter of NATS.  Yeah, I'm the webmaster for this one, too.  Georgia NATS is very close to my heart.  is the home page for the Georgia Chapter of Music Teacher's National Association.  This organization had the wisdom to choose my friend and recital collaborator George Mann as their Teacher of the Year in 2010. is the website for Georgia's school music teachers.  I only started attending their January conventions in Savannah a few years ago, but now I'm hooked.  They are a wonderful opportunity to hear where music education is at present. is the website for the Royal School of Music/Carnegie Hall Achievement Program, which I use in my Studio. is the website for Classical Singer magazine, an excellent resource for singers who need advice about many aspects of a singer's life, from web presence to how to survive in NYC on $50 a week.  Getting to watch live broadcasts from the Met in movie theaters' comfy seats with their magnificent sound systems is a wonderful experience.  I am always recommending to my classical students that they go as often as possible.  The price is much lower than the cost of a seat in New York, you don't have to go to New York, and sometimes I think the experience is actually better.  It amazed me when the multiplex near me had to open an extra theater to pack in all the people who came. is a referrel and information site that I have joined.  I think they do a great job of providing information for singers. is Catherine Brown's excellent website about singing.  So far I've seen nothing in her blog that I would not agree with. is the website for Jeannie LoVetri's The Voice Workshop.  Two summers ago I took a LoVetri Workshop at Belmont, and even though I was still hacking on from a bad bronchitis and had to sit at the back and not breathe on anyone, it still was an extraordinarily good experience.  Maybe I will get to take her whole course one day, but until then I can only say that she's the best.  This is the site that offers the best poster I've ever seen of the diaphragm muscle.  I first spotted it in my physical therapist's office and have had one in my studio ever since.  Now that I've found the source, there are several others that I want to collect.  This site is a boon to singers everywhere.  Excellent information and translations of thousands of art songs and choral texts are collected in an easy to use format.  The translators are named, which is great when you want to give credit where credit is due in program notes. This is a wonderful site to help you find an aria when you can only remember a little bit about it.  You can search by opera, by composer, by language, and by several other characteristics.  Wonderful jazz pianist and wonderful pedagogue.  Great thoughts on music making and practicing.