If you are interested in voice lessons

Please send me an Email to describe yourself as a singer and what your goals are.  You can use either drpat@healthyvoicestudio.com or  pat_callaway@bellsouth.net 

What you can expect from me

·         You can expect me to know how the voice works in terms of acoustics and physiology. 

·         When you audition for me, you can expect me to tell you what the first goal is that you will need to reach as you explore your voice. 

·         You can expect me to help you develop the voice you have now and be ready to work with the voice that you will earn for yourself. 

·         You can expect me to have you watch yourself sing in the mirror to work on your visual presentation and stage presence.

·         You can expect me to know a lot about many singing styles, but you can’t expect me to know every single singing style that exists today.

·         You can expect me to listen to the music that you love and help you analyze it in terms of your voice.

·         You can expect me to adhere to the NATS Code of Ethics.


What I expect from you

·         I expect you to show up for your lessons unless you are sick.  When you are sick, I prefer that you stay home and get better than that you share the bug with me.

·         I expect you to practice regularly.  Daily practice even of 15-30 minutes will do you much more good than a frantic 2 hours the day before your lesson day.

·         I expect you to have a notebook in which you keep a practice log and write down what I ask you to do between lessons. 

·         I expect you to arrive for lessons prepared by having done the work I will ask you to do. 

·         I expect you to purchase your own copies of the music you will be working on. 

·         I expect you to bring your music, a pencil, your notebook, and water bottle to each lesson without fail. 

·         I expect you to be businesslike about paying for my services.  I can accept cash, check, or credit card.