When can I perform?

I am not one of those voice teachers who will not allow you to perform "until you're polished".  For many singers, performing is the reason for studying voice, but sometimes finding performance opportunities is scary and hard to do.  If you sing in a church choir, we can work on music appropriate for services.  If church music is not for you, there are other ways to work on your performance skills.

I am a member of several professional organizations that offer student auditions at various levels, for adults as well as for high school and college-aged students.  I will suggest that you participate in these auditions when I think you are ready.  In addition, I usually plan a private musicale several times a year, and you will be scheduled to perform at these when you feel yourself ready.

The student auditions of the National Association of Teachers of Singing are offered on a state, regional, and national level.  Georgia NATS student auditions happen in November, SE Region (Georgia, Florida, and Alabama) happen in March.  The National Student Auditions are held in the summer either at the NATS National Conference or the NATS Summer Workshop.  In addition, NATS offers the National Music Theater Auditions and the NATS Artist Awards.  Details can be found at nats.org.

The Music Teachers National Conference, too, offers a program of student auditions that begin with the Georgia chapter auditions in April.  This organization also has opportunities for advanced students, and details can be found at mtna.org.

Yes, me again with Shelly Cohen and Robert Wayne in an Atlanta Opera Studio production of Mozart's The Impresario .  The costume weighed 15 pounds, and the wig guaranteed me wet hair every day.  Love that feather!